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Transfer by Cheque
Remarks: The sample of cheque as following.
Transfer by Cheque:

Bank of China(Hongkong)Account NO.: 012-88110285499
Hongkong HSBC Bank Account NO.: (004)808289466838
* Please write “TODAYNIC.COM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED”on the Accountee of cheque.
* Please remarks the user's ref. No. while saving into cheque.
Please save into cheque at any cheque-input operator in Bank of China or HSBC Bank in HongKong, after that your remittance will log in your account during 24 hours, please fax your advice note of cheque-input to our company ASAP, we will deal with it on receipt of your fax within 24 hours.
 * Transfer by cheque without procedures fee.

(Picture 1) The sample for transferable cheque of Bank of China
(Picture 2) The sample of cheque-input operator advice

(Picture 3) The sample of cheque deposit advice


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